These are the world's most inspiring impact-driven businesses...

  • Because they make great things happen in the world...

    ... every time they do business

  • And they measure their positive impact on the world...

    ... to be fully accountable


A tree is planted, a child gets a meal or a woman receives bookkeeping training... 

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We feel very strongly that nobody should be unable to fulfil their dream purely because of where they happen to live or who brought them into the world.  So we committed to paying our good fortune forward by setting an ambitious target of creating 1 million positive impacts in the world by 2026. And so far, thanks to our wonderful clients, we are at over 200,000.  

Niall McGinnity, Nuvem9 CEO


A child in Cambodia gets 7 days transport to school or 28 days of life-saving clean water... 

... every time a customer buys a Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bag, with the design of the bag determining which of the two projects is supported.

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A fruit tree is planted to help a Kenyan family or a forest tree to help the environment... 

... every time a customer buys a SlumberOrganix product, with the type of tree planted depending on which product is bought.

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We are grateful for the success we have had in the past 10 years and want to share our good fortune with people less fortunate than us. If every business in the world gave something back rather than exploit others to their advantage, the world would be a better place, and we are committed to playing our part in that. 

Karina Grassy, Slumbersac Director


Families in Ethiopia get access to 3,650 days of clean water... 

... every time BWP Inspire wins a new client.


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Our “why” is to help our clients, our team and the wider world to improve their lives. And, thanks to B1G1, we are able to live our values by systemising our impact.

Steve Richardson, BWP Inspire Director


A tree is planted…  

... every time they scan paper

1,825 days of access to life-saving clean water is given to families…

... every time a new client signs up for their services

40 days of access to e-learning is given to children in India…

… every time they file a VAT return

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I get very emotional every time I see news reports of people starving, not having access to water or education, being displaced because of some “political turmoil” in their country and, the one that really gets me... the sexual or monetary exploitation of children throughout the world.


Every child, no matter where they live, deserves to live a life without fear, have access to education and the things that we all take for granted – food and water. While I have been writing this, globally 300 children will have died due to malnutrition…just one is too many! But then, even with all of this support, if the human race continues creating greenhouse gases at the rate it is, then it won't matter….will it! We seem destined to destroy this planet, our world, all in the name of progress and profit.


We have embedded giving into the very fabric of our business. All our employees have selected the projects that we regularly donate to – I couldn’t do it without their support. They love it just as much as I do.


It is truly wonderful to have a mechanism that enables me and my team to do something about the inequalities in our world by leveraging the HUGE power of Small! Lets end poverty, stop hunger and save our planet.

Geoff Selby, MAD Accountants Director and Owner


Orphaned and at-risk children in Thailand get access to school books for a day… 

... every time someone attends one of their weekly webinars.

A tree is planted to help save orangutans in Borneo and 1kg of CO2 is saved by rescuing food waste in Singapore… 

... every time they win a new client.

A family in Cambodia gets access to clean water for a day…  

... every time they make a coaching call to a client.


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At AVN we’re committed to helping people have better choices in life. We do this with our own clients but we also believe that it’s important to have a wider impact, helping disadvantaged people wherever they are in the world to live a better life. Knowing that someone else benefits every time we win a new client, make a coaching call or run a webinar gives our whole team a sense of purpose. It’s one of our core values that every business can be a force for good, a value that our clients buy into and share. 

Shane Lukas, AVN Managing Director


A child gets access to a playground for 365 days…   

... every time an 'Appointment with Purpose' takes place.

Children in rural India get 1,200 days of access to e-learning…    

... every time a new partner school signs up to work with Accelium.

Aboriginal communities in Australia get access to 25-60 days of digital skills training…  

... every time an invoice is paid, with the exact number of days depending on the invoice value.

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As educators our main thrust is to ‘make a difference’ in the lives of the young people and teachers that we work with. To have the ability to do something similar for people we will probably never meet, or work with, is hugely rewarding and empowering.  

Chris Ramsden, Accelium Director


1,000 weeks of support are given for environmental and social sustainability… 

... every time they win an award or other major recognition so that the joy is shared. And that support either funds clean cooking stoves to reduce carbon emissions or life-saving clean water for an entire village.

A day of life-saving clean water is provided…  

... every time someone attends one of their facilitation, training or keynote sessions.


50 days of financial and business training are given to women…   

... every time a client works with them, so that more women-lead businesses prosper.


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We call this good business. For us, it’s power of moving from fear to the disciplined actions of kindness and joy. Our business goal is to create a billion impacts over this decade through helping you, business leaders, with the audacity of sustainability for yourself, your business and the planet. 

Joanne Flinn, Unicorning Founder


365 days worth of grain seeds are given to feed children in Malawi…. 

... every time they send out an invoice.

1,460 days of access to life-saving clean water are given to families in Cambodia... 

... every time someone attends their Solution Focused Thinking programme.

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Our team are motivated not just by our purpose - to improve YOUR world through better thinking – but also through making a difference to the world through giving. When we help our clients succeed, then we succeed and can help even more people to live a better life. 

Andy Gilbert, Go M.A.D. Thinking Managing Director


30 nights of shelter are provided to an underprivileged family in India... 

... every time they settle a Home Loan for a client.

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Being good at what we do wasn’t enough for us – we needed to find a higher purpose to do good business and use our business to do good in the world. Our business is all about helping Australians finance homes to put a roof over their family’s heads. Buying a home or investment property is such a privilege, whereas millions of families globally don’t have this same basic need. Rather than send out a client gift, we “pay it forward” with our Home Loans for the Homeless initiative. 

Aaron Christie-David, Atelier Wealth Managing Director