These are the world's most inspiring impact-driven businesses...

  • Because they make great things happen in the world...

    ... every time they do business

  • And they measure their positive impact on the world...

    ... to be fully accountable


100 days of access to learning tools is given to children in Africa...

... every time they provide a coaching and mentoring service

A child in Africa gets a school meal...

... every time they win a new client

A school book is given to orphaned children...

... every time they provide a leadership solution

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Our goal is to make 1 million measurable and verifiable differences - one million impacts, which I call ‘smiles’, because they really do put smiles on so many faces.

Paul Corke, Paul Corke International Founder


90 meals are given to disadvantaged people in South Africa...

... every time a new client signs with them

10 days of education are given to children…

... every time they complete a set of Annual Financial Statements

A tree is planted...

... every time they submit a PAYE reconciliation

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Our entire business is built on the premise that we want to improve lives. What point is there in getting up and going to work every day, unless you believe that your work has a positive impact on the world? We know that the services we offer improve our clients’ lives, but when the opportunity to do more came along, we had to take it! We joined the B1G1 Global Giving Movement so that we can incorporate purpose and meaning into what we do every single day.

Tamryn Dicks, Pharsyde Accounting  Managing Member


4 days of housing are provided for disadvantaged families in the Philippines...

... every time they process a payroll run

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I started my business as I wanted to help people and impact their lives. I can do this directly with my clients by helping them with their businesses. I also wanted to impact the lives of those that are less fortunate than me, because I’m lucky enough to have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food in the fridge/cupboards and my health. Sometimes we take that for granted. A lot of people around the world don’t have those basic things. So if I can do a little bit to make someone’s life better, then that puts a smile on my face.

Tim Goode, Ignite Accountants Director


100 days access to education and reading materials is given...

... every time they sell a copy of their books ‘Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders’ or ‘You’ve Got This! No Matter What! 6 Steps To Reinvent Your Life!

10 Buddy Bags are provided to children in emergency care as a result of domestic abuse or violence...

... every time they sign a Client to their Signature ‘Destination Me’ Programme

10 trees are planted or one day of financial support is provided to a female social entrepreneur...

... every time  their Director speaks at an event

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My Wonderful Life Coach was founded to support ambitious women entrepreneurs to discover their real potential and go for it, based on my own experience of establishing 10 businesses and thriving through challenge, boom and bust.


Through pro bono work, speaking at major conferences and events, running workshops, being interviewed, selling books, running programmes, in fact everything we do in the course of business, we give back through our amazing partnership with B1G1. Supporting training of female entrepreneurs, educating girls, access to books, planting trees, providing clean water and Buddy Bags are only the start!


Our BIG Ambition with B1G1, including those of clients we convert to this cause, is to make one million positive life changing impacts by 2030 supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Valerie Dwyer, My Wonderful LIfe Coach Founder Director


120 giving impacts are made to build an active economy with the SDGs...

... every time a new client chooses to work with them

15 days of access to clean water is given to people across the world...

... every time they submit a VAT return for a client

1 day of education is given to a disadvantaged child...

... every time they complete a project for a client

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As a B1G1 Business For Good, we incorporate purpose and meaning to our business through giving. Giving has become a habit for us. By creating micro-giving impacts every day, we believe that great things can be achieved, together with our team and clients, just by doing what we normally do.

Rasa D'Alton, Cloudit Bookkeeping Founder


1 day of secondary education is given to a disadvantaged child, or 1 day of early childhood development support is given...

... every time they complete a bookkeeping service

1 day of access to an outside learning area is given to a child in Ghana...

... every time they file a tax return

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We love that we can make life better for children we will probably never neet - and so do our clients.

Tom Kerr, Kerr Business Services Founder


A tree is planted in the Daintree Forest...

... every time a client attends one of their courses

3 women receive a Reproductive and Child Health Awareness Programmme...

... every time they see a new baby on a home visit

11 people get access to life-saving clean water...

... every time a consultation is booked

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Our vision has always been to create vitality for humanity, contributing to a healthy planet for generations to come.  Our why is to wake up every morning and put smiles on people’s dials.  It fills us with gratitude for being alive, to create a difference right around the world.  Clients love the fact that they are giving directly to projects, by just doing what they always do with us.

Sandy B Simmons, Simply Better Health Founder 


A survivor of violence is helped to start a business…

... every time they get a new customer

10 bricks are provided for school infrastructure projects…

... every time they raise an invoice

1 square meter of rainforest is protected…

… every time they receive customer feedback

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We are proud and humbled to be a Business for Good, incorporating purpose and meaning so that, together with our customers, we can make a very real difference in the world.

Alex Kerr, Kerr Office Group Chief Operating Officer


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Our MISSION is to support 1,000,000 Business owners grow their business sufficiently that they take on at least 3 more employees.  So that, collectively, we can eradicate unemployment in the UK, WHILST also providing over 100,000,000 Global Impacts to help achieve the UN Global Goals.

Jay Allen, My TrueNORTH Founder 


3 square meters of rainforest are protected...

... every single month

60 nights of shelter are provided for homeless children...

... every single month

5 days of awareness programmes are provided to protect sea turtles...

... every single month

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Put simply – my WHY is my children! We are creating the next generation and are also responsible to them, both in our actions to prepare the world for them to live in and as role models as to how we should do things better.  Since my son was 6 years old he has always made us stop, chat and give coffee and sandwiches to every homeless person we pass in the street.  As an environmentalist and human being, I feel it is my responsibility to use my abilities, my voice and my businesses for good – everyone’s good.  My children drive me and for that I am eternally grateful and hopeful for the future.  As a multiple business owner I strongly believe that we are responsible for creating businesses for good and B1G1 has given me an immense platform to help to create positive change whenever and wherever we can.

Zoë Binning, Zoë Binning Ltd Director